Shoutout Command for Streamlabs and Twitch Tips and Tricks for OBS and SLOBS 2021

Commands can be used to raid a channel, start a giveaway, share media, and much more. Each command comes with a set of permissions. Depending on the Command, some can only be used by your moderators while everyone, including viewers, can use others. Below is a list of commonly used Twitch commands that can help as you grow your channel. If you don’t see a command you want to use, you can also add a custom command.


Actually, the mods of your chat should take care of the order, so that you can fully concentrate on your livestream. For example, you can set up spam or caps filters for chat messages. You can also use this feature to prevent external links from being posted. This prevents unwanted advertising in the chat. A more universal bot, Nightbot shares several features with Moobot. It can respond to custom commands, filter chat, and post regular updates written in advance by streamers.

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Make sure you’re logged in to your streaming channel. After you’ve given your bot the authorization to be linked with your streaming channel, move on to the bot’s dashboard. Bots are incredibly useful moderating software , which help keep your chat in check and update everyone on important information.

command like «

Users can utilize the bot to record quotes, queue to play with the streamer, and be rewarded with spendable currency. There’s certainly a reason that Ankhbot was so in demand. now supports both Twitch and YouTube as streaming platforms. You can find the documentation that was referenced on this page at a new domain here.

How do I create a !song command for my bot?

Typically shoutout commands are used as a way to thank somebody for raiding the stream. We have included an optional line at the end to let viewers know what game the streamer was playing last. Also for the users themselves, a Discord server is a great way to communicate away from the stream and talk about God and the world.

  • This is a default command, so you don’t need to add anything custom.
  • You can tag a random user with Streamlabs Chatbot by including $randusername in the response.
  • Wanted to give away a gift to one of your lucky viewers?
  • Activate the «Automatically post this command to chat while chat is active» checkbox when in the edit-menu for the chat command.
  • Go through the installer process for the streamlabs chatbot first.
  • In the ‘create new’, add the same name you used as the source name in the chatbot command, mine was ‘test’.

To use Commands, you first need to enable a chatbot. Streamlabs Cloudbot is our cloud-based chatbot that supports Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo simultaneously. With 26 unique features, Cloudbot improves engagement, keeps your chat clean, and allows you to focus on streaming while we take care of the rest.

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You can also set the counter directly by using the command like «! Command number», where «Command» is the chat command’s name, and «number» the value of the counter. This will display the Twitch username of whoever used the chat command in Twitch chat. This means that the chat command may not post automatically if your Twitch chat is very slow throughout your streaming session. You can see the chat commands with multiple names documentation for how to set up aliases for your chat commands.

How to do a shoutout on Twitch – Dot Esports

How to do a shoutout on Twitch.

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The restriction also applies to chat commands posted by your Timers. The timer will skip to the next chat command in its rotation if the game you’re playing is different at the time the timer posts. For example, when playing a modded game like Skyrim you can have a «! Mods» chat command which links your viewers to a list of your mods. In this box you want to make sure to setup ‘twitch bot’, ‘twitch streamer’, and ‘obs remote’.

Advanced Features

As a streamlabs obs commandser, you always want to be building a community. Having a public Discord server for your brand is recommended as a meeting place for all your viewers. Having a Discord command will allow viewers to receive an invite link sent to them in chat. Streamlabs Chatbot is developed to enable streamers to enhance the users’ experience with rich imbibed functionality.

How do I add commands to Streamlabs OBS?

Click the “Commands” tab, then click the “Add Command” button.

Timers can be an important help for your viewers to anticipate when certain things will happen or when your stream will start. You can easily set up and save these timers with the Streamlabs chatbot so they can always be accessed. AFK or countdowns can also be set up using a timer. In addition to the useful integration of prefabricatedStreamlabs overlaysand alerts, creators can also install chatbots with the software, among other things. Streamlabs users get their money’s worth here – because the setup is child’s play and requires no prior knowledge. All you need before installing the chatbot is a working installation of the actual tool Streamlabs OBS. You can download the programhere.

Streamlabs Chatbot – the features and main overview

If you are allowing stream viewers to make song suggestions then you can also add the username of the requester to the response. Promoting your other social media accounts is a great way to build your streaming community. Your stream viewers are likely to also be interested in the content that you post on other sites. You can have the response either show just the username of that social or contain a direct link to your profile. Shoutout commands allow moderators to link another streamer’s channel in the chat.

  • Allows a user to remove their last requested video.
  • This will return the number of followers you have currently.
  • Add custom commands and utilize the template listed as !
  • Like the current song command, you can also include who the song was requested by in the response.
  • Once you’ve adjusted all the settings, hit the green Confirm button.
  • It is really simple to setup and customize.

Roulette, raffles, and bingo are all included. Command edit rather than add; or edit the command from the Cloudbot dashboard. Command edit rather than add; or edit the command from the Chatbot dashboard.

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Go to and register an account if you do not already have one. The user only has to classify as one of the user groups to use the command. E.g. a Twitch sub also classifies as a normal user. This will display your total damage on Apex Legends. This will display your total kills on Apex Legends.

This cooldown does not apply for your Twitch mods and is separate from the global chat command cooldown. This will display your current win rate on Teamfight Tactics. This will display the time since your latest YouTube video upload was published. If you want to track your YouTube video plays, you can also use a browser extension which supports scrobbling.


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